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How can I get the quality brand?

Who can aim for the quality brand?

  • Companies located in the Altiplano Region which generate products and / or services in its territory  and / or  with external repercussion.
  • Municipalities, associations or any other kind of organization appropriately established which properly manage the heritage sites located in the Altiplano of Granada Region.

What requirements are demanded? 

For obtaining the Altiplano of Granada Region Brand there are two kind of requirements: 

Specific requirements depending on the type of product or service to be certified:

For each product or service there are some criteria which the company or organization must apply in order to aim for the certificate. These requirements are collected in specific  regulations depending on the sector they belong .

Downloading the regulations

  • Tourism
    • Farm Houses
    • Hotels and Apartments
    • Restaurants
  • Food
    • Wine
    • Olive Oil
    • Lunch and cold meat
    • Ham
    • Bread and Pastry
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Segureño Lamb
  • Heritage
    • Heritage Sites


If you cannot find a specific regulation for your company activity, contact us. We take into account your demands to elaborate new regulations.

Common requirements for Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Brand is a new way of working together, looking for new channels of cooperation among companies, linking related sectors , investigating new ways of marketing , and  contacting companies around the country.

A commitment to  the territory that is manifested in adopting environmentally friendly measures ; involvement in decision -making at local  and / or sector level ; making a responsible use of local resources ; and many other measures which have a positive impact on the territory .

For achieving this,  the company will have to gradually  fulfill  all the  requirements  demanded by the Common Protocol of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some of these requirements are mandatory to aim  for the Quality Brand  Seal and for obtaining other requirements a reasonable period of time will be given for  finally achieving them.

We Support you in order to achieve the requirements

GDR will help you to  implement each required  measure to aim for the Quality Brand . If you become a member we help you to join this Club for free.