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Alojamiento Rural Victoria

About Us

Alojamiento Rural Victoria (‘Victoria Rural Accommodation’) is a set of eight cave houses, which offer all the comforts of a modern home without sacrificing the charm of living in a primitive cave dwelling.

The complex comes with parking, barbecues, wood-burning ovens, ample paved areas for children to run around, ride their bicycles, or play football, basketball, tennis, or volleyball. There is multi-use hall (offering a 80m2, climatised space with folding tables, a ping-pong table, a billiards table, a closed barbecue, a refrigerator, a beer tap, sink, and bar tables). There is also an outdoor swimming pool, which is open from July to September. The cave houses are fully equipped inside, with domestic electrical appliances, a television, sheets, bedding, and towels – indeed, everything possible to ensure a pleasant stay for our guests.

There is a multi-use hall, next to an outdoor space with tables and benches, with trees offering shade from the sun. The hall can be used for birthday parties, private gatherings, and other celebrations, as required. A beer tap is available for use, if requested in advance.

The Victoria Casas Cueva (cave houses) are located in Galera (Granada Province), between the towns of Castillejar and Huescar.


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