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Bodega Venta Quemada

About Us

The Bodega Venta Quemada (‘Venta Quemada Winery’) was begun as a project by Joaquín Damián Fernández and his wife Mari Carmen, who returned a number of years ago to their ancestral town of Cúllar. They bought a former casino in the nearby town of Venta Quemada and established a small family-run wine-making business there. Their grapes are grown on two hectares of land that the couple also own in the town.

The wine is made in small 1000 litre vats, to ensure due care and attention is given to create a wine with strong personality.

Both the vineyard and wine-making process have been certified for ecological agriculture, thereby demonstrating this family-run company’s respect for the environment, as well as its investment in the local economy.

The company produces two types of wine in the Casino de la Venta market: a full-flavoured Crianza; and the Barrica Casino, a bold, oak-nuanced wine ideal for consumers looking to try something new. The company continues to research and develop new wines, with a new rosé wine soon to go on sale.


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