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Casas Rurales Cortijo El Plantío

About Us

The Casas Rurales Cortijo el Plantío (Cortijo el Plantío Rural Houses) is the name given to a set of lodgings situated in the town of Castril de la Peña, which sits within the Altiplano de Granada (Granada Plateau region) in the north of Granada province.

The development’s location is truly privileged:

The Cortijo el Plantío is close to the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Castril, in the recreational area of the town, next to the Castril River, the public swimming pools, the Puente Colgante (suspended bridge), the Pasarela (tourist footpath and walkway), the Portillo Reservoir, and 500m from the town centre itself.

The Cortijo el Plantío is divided into five rural homes, which are new and fully equipped, with wooden structure ceilings, stone walls, and rustic furniture inside:

  • 10 bedrooms, with a capacity of between two and 23 people. The set of homes can be reserved as a block or individually.
  • Comfortable and functional.
  • Electric heating and a fireplace for additional warmth.
  • Equipped with all necessary cooking utensils and materials (including a vitroceramic hob, a washing machine, a toaster, an espresso coffee maker, towels, a hand-held mixer, and a microwave).
  • Hairdryer, towels, sheets and bedding.
  • Easy entry and exit on foot or by vehicle.
  • Gardened areas and parking.
  • Play area for children.
  • Disabled access.
  • Barbecue area.
  • Catering service.
  • Free WIFI.

The area boasts numerous outdoor areas of great beauty. There are various routes for hill walkers and mountain trekkers of varying lengths and duration – some of which are signposted, while others can be followed with guides.

For example, a visit to the nearby castle (Castillo de la Peña) and the sixteenth century Church of Our Lady of the Angels (La Iglesia Ntra Señora de los Angeles).

There are various tourist activities available, including: canoeing, rock climbing, cycling, and horse-riding.

We are happy to provide you with information regarding tourist visits and signposted treks in Castril, the nearby mountain range, and the surrounding area.


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