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About Us

OLIBAZA is a family-run business, established in 1994 by Andrés Carrillo Valdivieso y Juan Muñoz Carrillo – both of whom were motivated not only by their expert understanding of olives and olive growing, but also by their expertise in extra virgin olive oil production, and pure entrepreneurial spirit.

At OLIBAZA, we produce, bottle, and distribute extra virgin olive oil and ecological extra virgin olive oil, using olives grown by dedicated olive growers from Baza region (Granada) and the surrounding area.

Our customers trust the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil, as well as the standard of service that we provide, and the reliable distribution of our extra virgin olive oil throughout Spain and Europe.

Olive oil growing and its prime product, the olive, have forged the character, way of life, and diet of Mediterranean countries for more than 4000 years.

The family’s longstanding expertise in oil production, coupled with a deep knowledge of the traditional olive, has taught us to combine the latest and most innovative techniques for extra virgin olive oil production with care, patience and respect when it comes to picking the olives, gathering them, selecting them and producing our oil.

Working daily with our customers and friends forms an essential part of our work at OLIBAZA, where we consider our work to be supporting local society and revitalizing the regional economy. Our diligent approach and commitment are among the primary factors contributing to the excellent quality of our olive oil.

Our philosophy is based on producing the best quality extra virgin olive oil and ecological extra virgin olive oil, as an iconic product of the Mediterranean diet.

OLIBAZA extra virgin olive oil is produced using carefully selected olives and only using mechanical procedures. The oil contains natural anti-oxidants, as well as an unbeatable taste and aroma.

Values: sustainability, health, and food safety; and a commitment to the development, growth, and economic success of our region.

OLIBAZA highly respects the environment, using what can be considered a closed cycle, whereby all the waste from the production process is recycled and / or used for various purposes.

We distribute our product throughout Spain and Europe and the positive feedback we receive from our loyal customers is a tribute to the qualities, culture and hard work of our region.

OLIBAZA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superior quality product, extracted directly from carefully selected olives, using only mechanical procedures to guarantee their fine taste and nutritional properties.

At OLIBAZA we have established a management policy and approach to production based on the principles of cooperation, honesty and social responsibility. Our aim in this regard is to ensure that our products not only meet the necessary requirements in terms of sustainability, health, and food safety, but also fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. Our commitments include:
  • Strictly adhering to the legal requirements demanded by official legislation with regard to food, workplace and environmental safety.
  • Promoting our work culture and raising our potential to continually improve our production processes and final product.
  • Forging a strong alliance with our olive growers and suppliers for the mutual benefit of all concerned.
  • Engaging our customers on a daily basis to understand their needs and meet their expectations.
  • Working to obtain the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.
  • Practicing and promoting responsible social behaviour for the benefit of our region.
  • Demonstrating and promoting respect for the environment, to reduce the environmental impact of our production process.

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