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Partidora Almendras M. Barnés Hernández

About Us

This is a small family-run, almond hulling and shelling plant, which has been in business since 1980. We always work to offer the highest quality product for our customers. Our involvement in agriculture, an essential part of our region’s economy, helps us to fully understand the origin of our raw material.

Times change and, as a result, we have had to update the way almonds are processed at our plant. In 2013, we transferred our production to new premises, using more modern and effective machinery, but with the same commitment to guaranteeing the finest quality product.

Almond hulling and shelling remains our core business, resulting in two products: the almond shell; and the almond nut or meat.

The almond nuts are processed without removing their skins, cleaned and prepared for consumption. The almond nuts are divided according to their sizes, to meet the quality and pricing requirements of our customers.

The almond shells are a by-product of the hulling and shelling process. In terms of the advantages they offer, they are among the best combustible biomass fuels available on the market, offering high heating power and minimal residue. This makes them both ecological and inexpensive, and therefore ideal for industry and farming, as well as domestic use.

Our company has been certified for ecological almond production by the Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica (CAAE). In addition, our almond suppliers are farmers with the required certification to demonstrate that the almonds they sell to us are genuinely ecological. At our facilities, we ensure throughout the production process that there is a clear separation between our ecological and conventional production lines, thereby guaranteeing that our customers receive the product they desire.


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